Any good maths libraries

Hi. Can someone suggest me good maths libraries (C C++)available for free. I am specifically looking for those related to Matrix operations like inverses. I also require functions for coordinate geometry related operations like finding intersections, bounding volumes etc.

Im currently working on one for my things though it will also have data structures in it as well. I should have a small public release soon supporting basic 4x4 matrix,3d vectors, and quaternions! Though im really busy now so i dont know when the release will be.

try this

has good implementation of vector ,matrix ,quaternion,

there surely are a lot math lib you can google out .but i think ,to write one for your own is good practice of learning Opengl.

Please be aware . in Opengl ,

the used matrix format is
m1, m5,m9, m13,
m2, m6,m10, m14,
m2, m7,m11, m15,
m3, m8,m12, m16,

in some cases, you need to convert/transpose the matrix for youselves when use somebody’s math lib.


IRIT has lots of matrix and vector functions.