Any good book for learning Opengl-GAME programmimg on Linux?

I´m searching for a good opengl book, wich says opengl beginners how to programm opengl based games on Linux(for beginners!)!
This book should have a lot of code examples, cause my C isnt the best!
Does anybody know such a book?

hi clemi,

i could probably use the same thing as you. lately, i’ve picked up 2 books. one is the norman lin book commented on in another recent thread on this board. the other one is linux game programming by mark “nurgle” collins. you might want to check out the reviews for it on amazon.
i was thinking about picking up the green book (opengl programming for the x window system, mark j. kilgard) but i haven’t seen it on the shelves to take a look at it. it was published in 1996 and i’m curious to see how up to date it is (now that we’ve got dri i’m not sure if that’s changed things with how you deal with X).

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