any girls here ?

hi there ?
any “opengl” girls here ?

ok… i´m a little drunk perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:

going to bed now… godnight


i guess a real opengl-freak would just say: “np, i’ll just render one for you”

GL does not stand for GirL…
You should look at the topic posted by Bad Religion some months ago.

you KNOW when you need help when you admire a girl in some swimwear magazine and remark to your colleagues how many freaking polygons they must have used on her, er, uhm, more “curvy” parts of her anatomy.

yeah right, but you either have to know how those, erm, curvy parts look in REALITY.
perhaps my girl-friend can help me… i’ll ask her l8er… hum, no i changed my opinion. i ask her NOW… hehe :wink:
c ya,

You know, I kinda like that concept, ‘OpenGirL’

Desperatly in need of OpenGirL API documentation, where can I find it?

hum, why don’t you try out? i guess, you can’t do very much wrong, eh?
trail and error…

have you tried

yeah, I think I’m the token estrogen count. Weeee.


To be serious I think its very sad that we, OpenGL people, have so few women. Lets do something to change this situation!!!

-Lev, the biggest females fan!

P.S. women rule!

No way Lev. I have been a far bigger fan of women since '91. You have only reached parity since Lev 8.0.

hey! I wanna be a fan to… do you have a fan-club ??