Any decent desktop gltf viewers


Can anyone recommend a decent gltf viewer for the desktop (win10) , I’m working on some NDA projects so cant upload to the interweb.

Ideally I’d prefer to just download an executable.


I have an electron app version of

The Filament library also comes with a nice viewer, although you’ll have to compile and run it from the commandline:

That said, I thought Windows had a builtin program to view glTF files these days? Do you not have that, or is it lacking features you need?


thanks. yep I have the 3d app built into windows, but it doesnt appear to be playing back animated gltf content, and neither does houdini for that matter. So at the moment I’m wondering if it’s a khronos export problem from blender that makes the files only fully compatible if opened in blender rather than other apps…so just thought i’d try the file out on a few other viewers.

Thanks again for the links.


There are some known bugs with exporting animation from Blender (although many have been fixed just in the past weeks) but if you can import the glTF file back into Blender after exporting and the animation is still working, I think it’s safe to assume it should work in any (correct) engine. I don’t know whether the default Windows app supports animation, but I’m pretty sure Houdini can’t import glTF animation yet:


Thank Don. The glb file exported from blender 2.8 wont import back into blender, see my post in the gltf support forum for the screenshot of the error if you like.

But the files do open in windows 3d viewer and houdini without animation (thanks for confirming houdini doesnt support animation yet).

I’ve just retried in blender 2.79 with the 2.0 exporter, and the file did import back into blender 2.8 (without materials this time…need to use the node group supplied in 2.0 I guess). I see no option to import in blender 2.79 just export.

I tried the same file in the three-gltf-viewer you gave me the link for, and the animation is also there.

So I’m thinking now perhaps the 2.8 exporter might actually be working, but the 2.8 importer is the problem. Just about to retry exporting from 2.8 and then trying in the three-gltf-viewer to see if the animation was actually there all along. Having checked the glb in atom, the code describing the animation tracks is definitely there.