Any books on coding a engine from scratch (cpp)

I was just wondering if you guys could recommend any books for learning how to code OpenGL from scratch (without window toolkits or extension libraries) in cpp?

No book would ever teach something like that. There’s no point.

While I can understand wanting to directly use platform-specific window management, I can’t understand ever wanting to do OpenGL function loading manually. The platform-specific loading code is irrelevant to the process of learning how to use it, so books don’t need to teach it.

The gory details are available, but really, you’re wasting your time implementing that. Even if you had specific needs (like binding GL functions to Python or Lua or something), I would still suggest that you use someone’s code generation tool. GL3W is a Python script that generates loading code. It would be a good start for implementing this.

Doing pretty much anything “from scratch” is a poorly thought out idea. Everyone ultimately relies on someone elses code. Why handicap yourself by not using what’s out there if it means you can get done what you need to get done that much faster and more effectively (fewer errors)?

Alright, thanks. I’m going to admit I’m a bit new to OpenGL, and I was planning to learn it by basically doing it the hard way (I thought these where a bit ‘optional’ to use someone elses code, or to make it yourself. Although researching extensions now it appears that using GLEW would be a better option)

Start with something small, and keep adding to it.