AntTweakBar Problem

I have have just found this gui library named AntTweakBar and I think that it is great. But when it is asking me to use some callbacks there is a problem because I’m already using the callbacks for my camera movement. So what should I do?

			glfwSetWindowSizeCallback(m_Window, window_resize);
			glfwSetWindowUserPointer(m_Window, this);
			glfwSetKeyCallback(m_Window, key_callback);
			glfwSetCursorPosCallback(m_Window, mouse_callback);
			glfwSetScrollCallback(m_Window, scroll_callback);

From your description, I assume antTweakBar has some functions for GLFW integration that it suggests be passed as callbacks to GLFW,
but you already passed pointers to your own code?

Have you already come up with the idea of calling the antTweakBar functions from within your callback functions and passing along
the arguments you got from GLFW?

Well now it is saying that it can not load the OpenGL library dynamically. What do I do now? Keep in mind I’m a nub with OpenGL debugging.

So you either changed more than I suggested, or it already didn’t work before.

Can you be a bit more specific? Are you talking about a runtime or compile time error message? What is the exact text of the error message? What is the name of the library in question?