Antialiasing quadrics drawn with GLU ?

Hey there,

I am working on my first OpenGL program. I am drawing some disks and partial disks with the GLU library using the quadrics function.
Most of these quadrics appear jagged.

I would like to know if there is any ANTIALIAS routine defined for those quadrics such as the ones that exist for lines, plots and polygons.

If not, do you have any idea how I could make those quadrics appear smoother?

Best regards.

OpenGL has only ten basic geometric shapes,
points, lines, lineloop, linestrip, triangles, trianglestrip, trianglefan, quads, quadstrip, polygon.
Any more completx drawing is built from these.
Antialiasing (smoothing) is defined for points, lines, and filled primitives independently.
Some hardware doesn’t support polygon_smooth.
To get it running with a filled primitive you have to go through some ugly front to back sorting of triangles. You can’t do that with glu primitives.
You’d better try enabling some full scene antialiasing in the graphics driver’s control panel if it offers it.