Antialiasing problem. easy (think so) plz help

If written an intro wich uses GL_POINTS.
Blending is enabled and on my TNT 2 the points are well antialiased.

If I run on my Gforce 2 MX it seems like the points are not FULLY antialiased.
round but kind of square

This is when I have selected:

“Let application activate antialiasing”

If I force it to 2x or 4x it’s ok but the whole screen gets antialiased.

So why does my gf2mx render (antialiases) the points so bad ?

Anyone encountered this problem too ?

I’ve had the same problem on other nvidia hardware. The opengl point-smooth feature lets to the implementation much to decide. It looks like the guys from nvidia have choosed the “quick and dirty” way. If you really want much control on the quality of your points, you’ll have (AFAIK) to try something else. For example you could try small textured triangles, with a well-chosen minification filter.

Have you tried using glEnable ( GL_POINT_SMOOTH ) ?