Antialias steps...

I am trying to get antialiasing with GL_MULTISAMPLE_ARB to work. I am not using C/C++. I am trying to get the simplest case working before I go back and refine it. I already know my card supports 2x and 4x antialiasing, so I am not going to check. I just want to make sure I have all the steps right.

  1. Create a rendering context, so that you can get the wglChoosePixelFormat() address.

  2. Use wglChoosePixelFormatARB() to choose a pixel format with WGL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_ARB=GL_TRUE and WGL_SAMPLES_ARB=2.

  3. Make the hrc current and call glEnable GL_MULTISAMPLE_ARB

At that point, your rendering should be antialiased.

Did I leave anything crucial out? Because while wglChoosePixelFormatARB() is returning 1, I then set the pixel format, but SetPixelFormat() fails on the first multisample pixel format. Do I need to describe the pixel format or something?

Read this:

You could try calling glEnable for multisampling :-).

P.S. The call failure is obviously a problem.

You could try calling glEnable for multisampling
Your comment is not at all clear.

I did discover that my ****ty GEForce MX 440 doesn’t even support WGL_ARB_multisample. This is odd, because I have controls in my graphics card settings dialog for antialiasing. Maybe it only supports DirectX antialiasing.

Probably just a case of not being exposed as a programmable feature.

I can’t make it any clearer than telling you you need to call glEnable for multisampling short of going and finding the exact token you use (and that’s in the presentation I linked to). You not having hardware support for an extension doesn’t alter what you need to do if you do have a card that supports the feature you asked about using.

Excerpt from my initial post:

  1. Make the hrc current and call glEnable GL_MULTISAMPLE_ARB
    Your response:

You could try calling glEnable for multisampling :-).
I would assume you mean to say call glEnable GL_MULTISAMPLE_ARB, but I explicitly said that in step 3, so I am not sure what you mean.

ANyways, I got it working, on someone else’s machine.

Ahh, my bad I missed that line :slight_smile: Dunno how I could have I thought I gave your post a once over specifically for that.

I win! I just schooled the moderator! I win, I win!

But thanks for the good intention.


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