Anti-Aliasing with GF2

The GeForce 2 display panel has an option to anti-alias automatically or let the program control the anti-aliasing. I’ve been able to get lines to anti-alias but not polys. I’m using the NeHe base code, but in Ortho mode it doesn’t seem to anti-alias polys for me. Is there an extension or something that nVidia has that turns on some sort of fullscreen oversampling?


a. does lines only.
b. no extensions
c. doubt you’d appreatiate the performance hit if you did…

There’s a setting in the registry that contols whether or not FSAA is used when OpenGL applications are running.

You could automatically change it just before you start your application, and then change it back after you are done. But mcraighead might kill you if you did that, so maybe you’d better not.