Antack, OpengGL game on the Mac

version 1.1 is due the weekend of Nov 10.

The current version of the game requires 350 mhz hardware, CarbonLib 1.6, and about 65 megs of RAM.

The game is a 3D variation on missile command.
Instead of just shooting incoming missiles out of the sky you also need to send hoards of Ant Army attackers at the enemy bases to end the level.

Would appreciate constructive feedback on making it faster.

The code will be released with the uDevGame 2002 competition, so if you want to make massive changes to it, you can, soon.

Meshwork files are used for models, Quicktime is used for images., currently with .png and .mov files. Oh and ogg vorbis compressed sounds as well.

Would appreciate your feedback on the OpenGL-ness of the thing.

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