another win2k opengl question

I’m running win2k on ABIT BX6 2.0 motherboard
with a TNT chipset video card using detonator
3.78 drivers

I have an opengl program which will query the renderer and vendor of the opengl driver
and it reports it as RIVA TNT/PCI/SSE…

should it not report RIVA TNT/AGP/SSE ???

Well, on my Erazor X2, it reports :

GeForce 256/AGP/SSE

But as far as I can remember, with my Diamond Viper 770 Ultra (TNT 2 Ultra), it reported : xxxxxx/PCI/SSE.

As long as your card is AGP and connected to the AGP port, do not worry, it should use the AGP port !


its fixed with the 3.81 drivers