Another Tribes 2 problem with an S3 Savage4

When I first bought the game, it got to the loading mission screen and then stopped, always at the same spot on the loading bar. I tried installing the latest GL Setup, that made the game work, but all the building textures were all weird (most people know what i’m talking about, they were all a pinkish color). Then to try to fix the problem, i updated my video card drivers (S3 Savage4 16Mb). This made it worse. It won’t even load the intro video now. I always get the “fatal exception” error. I have tried: *unistalling/installing the game several times
*installing older and newer versions of GL setup
*installed older and newer video card drivers
and there is no clientprefs.cs file that i can edit. (i think that is created when u run the game the first time, which i can’t do). when i used to be able to run the game, opengl gave me building texture problems, and directdraw wouldn’t even work. WTF can i do about it, short of getting a new video card? hmmm, a Geforce looks pretty good right now…

the really weird thing though is that other open gl games work fine: quake 3 arena, battlezone 2 etc…no problems there. maybe if game designers could include some PROPER directdraw support, is that too much to ask? just cos everybody hates microsoft