Another C++ Question

Here’s something I’ve been wondering how to do for a while… I’ve seen it done in a few places, and I, frankly, have no idea where to look for how it was done.

Classnames as a parameter in a function. For example, va_arg’s second parameter. Thanks a ton for any help.

maaaayyyte… you really need to find a C++ site, or something. here lies the opengl site.

but, anyway, classes are just like a type:

class Goat

void foobar(Goat herd)

and so on.


oh, hang. let me wake up. <drinks coffee>

sorry, now i’m with you. va_arg is a macro, not a function def. you CAN"T give a “type” as a paramter. (there are ways of getting around this, notably fucntions ptrs in C and the whole object orientated / inheritenance stuff in C++)

va_arg is a macro with textual subsitution. for examole:

#define frog(t) sizeof(t)

means i can now do this:


and so on. because its JUST a macro. (va_arg uses the type to index the void ptr into the stack, incidentially)


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