[ANN] NUI C++ OpenGL GUI and Xplatform framework

I am happy to announce the release of NUI: http://www.libnui.net

NUI is a C++ application framework that runs on the iPhone, MacOSX (universal), Win32 and Linux.
Its main distinctive features is its use of 3D hardware to render the UI via OpenGL, GL Es and Direct3D.

Its features include:

  • Low level abstraction: string, files, paths, streams, network, timers, threads, mutexes, etc.
  • Widget layout engine
  • Really many widgets: text, grids, boxes, collumn views, tree views, etc.
  • Integrated widget tree visual introspection/debugging
  • Web-like CSS engine
  • Modern rendering and compositing engine
  • Animations for widgets and their attributes
  • Attributes to remote control widgets
  • Audio IO and Audio file loading/saving (including compressed audio files decoding)
  • Stable and proven lib: many applications have been released since 2001 with NUI at their core.

The lib is dual licensed under the GPL and commercial licensing for non free software developers.

Check out the website for more information: http://www.libnui.net