ANN: Carmine Exporter : Blender3D to OpenGL C/C++


It gives me pleasure to release the first version of my exporter
named ‘carmine’. It generates C/C++ compliant structures from Blender3D scenes. These structures can then be used to render the objects in OpenGL programs. The script was written with intention to ease OpenGL programming for beginners and advanced users who would like to experiment with OpenGL (or OpenGL ES 2.0)

The base code is derived from NeHe’s C++ code to keep things familiar for beginners.

The script is available at

As this is the first version, feedback from users will be considered valuable and used to improve the script’s next version.

With Kind Regards,


I wrote blender exporter for OpenSceneGraph library, i know that some part of blender are not trivial, so here some informations that could helps you if you need.

description of what it does
source code


Thank you, mornifle aka Cedric !