Animation with JOGL

I have been looking through the internet for the pasted couple of hours and found nothing on importing an animated model into JOGL. If one of you guys can send me any links to help me please do so. :smiley:

What do you mean by an “animated model”? Are you talking about vertex animation, bone weight skinning, or something else?

of course! I want to animate a model in blender and put it into my application

You cannot answer a multiple choice question with “of course”. Those were all different techniques for animation that require different things from your rendering system.

What technique are you trying to use? Or are you just moving objects around in Blender3D and want that motion to be transmitted to the OpenGL application?

I want to make a player idle animation in blender for my game then in the game when ever the player is idle I want the animation to be played. How will I achieve my goal. Please answer.