Animation timing

This is no real OpneGL problem but I thing it is near enoth to write it on this board.

I know how to time my animation. But there are some questions about the timer functions in C++. Is clock(); the best way to get the acurate time in ms?

I think clock(); returns the time while my EXE is running in ms. Right?

Are there better functions?
How acurate are the timers under Win9x?

Thanks for every replies.

In Windows, the message driven timers are extremely inaccurate. I’ve never used clock() for timing so I don’t know how well it behaves under Windows. For maximum accuracy and precision under Windows, use the high performace counter by way of QueryPerformanceCounter(…) and QueryPerformanceFrequency(…).
I’ve also used GetTickCount() for a fairly accurate timer, but only to millisecond precision.

There is no STANDARD high-resolution timer
in C/C++.

If you’re using Windows, QueryPerformanceCounter()
is the way to go.
If you’re using BeOS, the microsecond timer
used for kernel scheduling is available as
If you’re using some UNIX derivative, you
can set up your own high-resolution timer
using setitimer() and later read it with

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!

Now I’ve got my floating animation. It had been the **** ****ing clock() function. QueryPerformanceCounter() is much better. And again: Thanks for this tip.

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