animation - the stuff that matters!!

ok… i know that this is not an easy topic…
but i’ve read hundreds of posts… and i’ve seen not much talking about animation

3dsmax alows the easy use of biped for character model animation… the thing is…
its easy to put the model in an tiny window…with out animation…
but read the .bpi file from max? … using the work done in 3dsmax for animating the arms legs etc… for the opengl app?

anybody out there with experience with this?
even if there is another way… or is it possible to get the animation stuff from some max exporter available?



Check out and look for Jeff Lander’s mocap program. He uses the Acclaim format. As for getting an articulated model out of Max, most folks write their own plug-in. A simple way to start might be to use the new ASCII export format the plug-in source for that is included in the Max SDK.

I’m working on this right now too. I’ve got normal 3dstudio objects animated etc. without trouble but the Physique modifier is a bastard.

If you come across a plugin that exports rotations and translations from Physique as opposed to mesh deformations, give us a shout!