animation rendering...

where who make rendering?
i’m using mfc, and do rendering in OnIdle, when free idle processing is avialable, but processor loads to 100% if window client area is not visible(window moved with mouse) or if it is “iconic”(in taskbar)! i already fixed problem with iconic by using m_pMainWnd->IsIconic() in OnIdle!

p.s. i saw much demos which has same problems (NeHe’s and from everywhere drawing goes in idle! note that if i use SetTimer to do rendering, then there is no 100% loading!

so what to do?

That’s normal when you use idel processing, the idle method returns true or false depending if you need to process more, if you request more idle processing you will get 100% usage because when there are nor messages to dispatch it will call the idle handler instead and you end up with 100%.

This is of course not the case with a timer, because you set an interval, but if you try to set the interval very low (1 ms or so) then you will get the same behavior as with idle processing.