Animation of the points on the model

Currently, we have encountered problems with animation during the development process. If Gltf is a normal skeletal animation, it is normal, but there is a problem with the animation converted to points. The FBX exported from max is tested in Unity as an action that can display animations normally. The gltf format used is exported by Unity.

Hi @Raysen — You’ll need to share enough details for someone to reproduce this problem. Do you have the FBX or glTF files? Does the glTF file look OK on, or other glTF viewers? If it’s broken in multiple glTF viewers, then the file was exported incorrectly and that may be a bug in the exporter.

You may also want to try going directly from FBX to glTF with

Oh, thank you very much.
Is there any way to compress the size of gltf (.bin) files? Or separate the animation.

Yes, the glTF-Pipeline tool can compress mesh data, or gltfpack can quantize or compress both mesh and animation data. Some viewers or engines may not support compression, so do keep your original glTF files around.

Separated animation isn’t really supported out of the box; it’s possible but requires some coding to reconstruct things in your application, which you’d need to spend some time on.

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