animation in fltk window

I have a fltk window with a interior window which subclasses the Fl_Gl_Window to allow me to show Gl stuff in the window. This is all fine except for the updating of the window. The contents are a simple simulation showing movement, however the refreshing of this screen only seems to occur with a window event, eg mouse movement, click etc
How can i set it up so it will automatically refresh, is there something similar to the glutIdleFunc callback? or anyother method of regularly updateing this window?


Hi !

I think you should post your question on the Fltk mailing list, but the easiest solution is to create a timer that refresh the window at specific intervals.

If you want more fancy stuff, I think you need to ask the Fltk folks, they should be able to help you out in it.


I have a method running in a seperate thread which calls a refresh on the screen, however the window never updates until somekind on event on the window has occured