Animation format in Collada1.4.0 files + bug in MayaCol2.2

When we used to export from Maya in Collada 1.3.x files, the animation tracks were splited in translation, rot_x, rot_y and rot_z tracks.

Now using the v2.0 ColladaMaya exporter (which conforms to Collada 1.4.x), the animation were exported as a track of matrices, which was both simpler and cleaner in our code. We changed nothing in the Maya exporter options to get this

We started testing the v2.2 Maya exporter, which exports again splitted tracks (translation, rot_x, rot_y, rot_z) while we did not change anything in the Maya settings.

Does anyone know how to choose whether we want to export matrix tracks or trans+rotX+rotY+rotZ tracks in the <animation><source><float_array> tags ?

Another problem we got with the 2.2 ColladaMaya exporter is that the start_time and end_time are not exported anymore. This is quite problematic as quite often the animation tracks would contain keyframe before the beginning of our animation or after its end.
Does anyone know how to force ColladaMaya exporting these start and end times ?


the Latest Version post on this forum will tell you where to report issues related to a particular plug-in.

If you post such issues in this forum, rather than in the right place, it will take longer for you to have an answer.

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I don’t know for sure because I haven’t looked at Maya’s animation export, but there is a new element added in 1.4 <animation_clip>.

<animation_clip> can aggrigate multiple <animation> elements to be played together. But more importantly for you it has a start and end time as attributes.

Maybe Maya exports an <animation_clip> that has the information you are looking for.