animating movement

How does one animate movement between coords.

like this:
(only xy coords for simplicity)
Between 0.0,0.0 and 3.0,5.0 and then from there to 6.0,-2.0

PS. i AM incredibly clueless, so try to keep it simple :slight_smile: DS.

I am not sure of the question, but perhaps a loop?!

I was thinking more in the ways of moving something along a β€˜path’ but i dont know if this is possible.

If I get you right, you want to specify controlpoints along your path?

Then you can make a structure for each controlpoint, and it can look something like this:

struct controlpoint
float point[3]; // controlpoint coordinates
float rotation[3]; // the rotation for each controlpoint
… and so on

You also need a timevariable called t for example. To determine between what controlpoints you are, just use a=floor(t), and you know you are between point a and a+1. Then you just interpolate between those two points using t-a as interpolation factor

You can also use some other obscure methods to smoothly interpolate between two points, like Bezier and NURBS, cosine- and cubic interpolation.

If you are using a the above structure with all kind of information you want, you can animate a camera (for example), specifying camerapoint, camera targetpoint, upvector, fov and whatever you like, for each controlpoint. And using a real time variable, the camera will move from on point to another in the same time independant of your framerate.

Here are some places you can look at.

Bob, you just made my heroes list :slight_smile:

Thank you !!!