Animating Models: trouble with rotation

A’right, I spent a good part of my weekend working on this, and progress is… embarrasingly low. :slight_smile:

Basically, I define a segment as a base (x,y,z), and a vector (x,y,z). Working off of the vector’s orientation to the base, I’m trying to rotate a polygon in coorespondence.

I’m a’right working with two dimensions (working with just XY or just ZY, for a specific example), but once I try… well, three of them (^_^)… I run into terrible trouble.

I’ve yet to find a good “getting to know all this 3d trig” site (or tutorial, etc), though I’d assume they’re out there. Any advice to push me in the right direction?

For tutorials on almost everything you need as a beginner in OpenGL, you should look at NeHe’s Tutorials:

hope this helps,