[android] Weird perfomance for simple scene

Hey all!
I’m developing an engine in both WebGL and Android native.
There is some strange perfomance issue happening though.

Running a simple example with 300 cubes in WebGL, it runs at 60fps in Chrome Desktop and 30fps in Chrome Beta in my Nexus4.

300 cubes demo.

Now. I’m also compiling the same demo in Android Java and generating an APK.
But the APK is running at 20-30fps top.
Considering that it is native, the perfomance shouldn’t be above WebGL at least?

* If requested I can provide the APK too. *

## Extra Info ##

  • Nexus4 Phone with latest android update.
  • Cube shader is alpha blended and have ‘discard’ commands.
  • GLSurfaceView ‘isHardwareAccelerated’ flag returns true.
  • Tracing the GLES calls during render I’m issuing just a Uniform(WorldMatrix) + DrawArrays(TRIANGLES) per Cube (so 300 total)

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