Android OpenGL ES 2.0 Out of memory error!

Hi Every one… This is my 1st post here.
I develop Android applications , and i noticed something realy weird.
I have developed some live wallpapers using OpenGL ES 2.0.
All of them run with no problems under Android 2.2 to 2.37. But in 4.0 and higher , when screen changes orientation ,
or when screen is off and on back again , OpenGL throws a message 0x505 OpenGLRenderer is out of memory!
the strange is that this doesnt happen in preview mode, but only when livewallpaper is selected and runs in normal mode.
Any idea what is going wrong? thanks in advance

Have a look at eglGetError return value - this looks like it could be lost context due to power management event.
Also note that this is ‘desktop’ GL forum, you may get better help in GL ES specific one (wherever it is).