Analogue of D3DXTessellateRectPatch in OpenGL


Is there anything similar to D3DXTessellateTriPatch and D3DXTessellateRectPatch in OpenGL extensions?

Basically it means automatic tessellation of curved patches - triangles and quadrilaterals with the given curve tolerance. If there are functions of this king, in what equipment is it supported with HW acceleration?


I can assure you that such functions are not supported by any modern hardware. D3DX is a utility library, implemented fully in software. I don’t know if OpenGL has what you look for, but there are the glMap2 and other functions that allow you to draw bezier patches. It is all in software though and will be slow. Hope my answer was at least a bit useful as I never worked with tesselation and maybe missunderstanding your question :slight_smile: