Anaglyphs in OpenGL

I’m working on a project for a professor of mine to help teach students graphics concepts. For this project he wants me to create anaglyphs to better show what is happening. Most of the work I’ve done so far was using 3D Studio Max to render animations with to cameras then merging the views together to create the anaglyph. The part I’m to now would work better if it was interactive, something I can’t do with pre rendered animations, so I was planning to do it using and OpenGL app. The question I have is is there anyway to composit 2 views in OpenGL so that I can have one camera be the red channel and one camera be the blue/green channel. Then put then overlap these 2 views in one window so I can generate an anaglyph scene. Any help, references, coded examples, theories, would be useful.

Thanks in advance.

You can do this, you could draw one channel in another using lines. You could also readback a drawn channel and texture onto a frustum near clip or projection plane of the viewed channel. You can have multiple viewports and slide them around, you don’t have to clear the viewport allowing overlapping channels after projection.
There’s lots of stuff like this you can do. It really depends what you want. A term like anaglyphs isn’t very helpful for me.

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Hear is a basic page on the creation of anaglyphs using a real camera, the idea is the same in any enviroment.

If I just do overlaping, eg. two views without clearing, what do I need to put in the alpha for my colors, materials, etc. 0.0?