An odd runtime problem

well, i installed the Nvidia drivers for my card, and the gears demo runs as to be expected.

but when i compile and run any of my own programs the window either shows the protion of my desktop(glut programs), or the contens of the window are the desktop color, or the window behind it with the image that is supposed to be drawn distorted randomly, and in patches in the window(Qt programs).

i can’t figure out what is causing this.

thanks for any ideas.

p.s. i am using red hat 7.1 and i have tried both the Nvidia gl headers and the set that was distibuted with red hat.

It seems like the window is not updated. Perhaps did the gears sample work because it is animated and updates the window all the time. You can check this by adding a idle func to your glut programs that is just posting a redisplay message.

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