an image loading library

Does anyone of you know a good library for loading jpg files and maybe also other formats for use as textures in OpenGL?

try the glBMP written by Jason Allen . it’s available for delphi and c++.

see you,

I can recommend DevIL (formerly OpenIL) (

Although DevIL has been discontinued, it is quite good and can send almost any kind of image file straight to an OpenGL texture with only a couple of lines of setup code and then a single line of code to open and load the image straight to a texture.

Another great library I’d recommend is NexGenIPL ( It doesn’t go straight to OpenGL textures, but it does support almost any image format you could possibly want! And it’s not hard to write up your own bit of code to take the data from this library and send it to OpenGL to build a texture.

Both of these libraries are totally free too, and I highly recommend either of them!

Well thanx very much for the good responces!!