An easy one (glut) !

I’m using borland c++ and i can include glut.h without problem but when i try to use a glut function , i get an error like “…is not a member of …”? Is someone can help me with that. thanx!

I don’t recall if my error messages were the same but I recently worked through using glut with borland C++ too

I downloaded the free command line Borland C++ 5.5 from their website and the glut library and include files etc via links from this site.

If I remember correctly, I placed glut.h in C:\borland\bcc55\include along with all the
header files used by the compiler.

I then put glut32.lib in c:\borland\bcc55\lib and converted it to the correct format using c:\borland\bcc55\bin\coff2omf

I think thats all I did and it worked for me. At least my OGL “hello world” program works.

for borland users =D, it has everything you need.