AMD R9 380 is faster then Nvidia 1080 on my PC


I just replaced my old AMD R9 380 with an 1080 from Nvidia. Result seems to be good in games I got double performance or maybe even more.

But then it comes to my software I have been written using opencl there is a large performance drop.

It seems to be the method clEnqueueNDRangeKernel() now is 200-300% slower for some unknown reason. I have installed the latest drivers from Nvidia and removed all AMD drivers but still same strange result.

The code is 100% the same between my tests.

The AMD R9 380 is 3.5 TFLOPS and Nvidia 1080 is 9 TFLOPS.

What Im a missing here?

Help pls


I have the R9 390. It works very fast due memory bus is 512 bit wide that is double than the nvidia. If your code has a high data transactions rate between gpu-cpu that is the problem.

I increased the 390 speed 4x by using the 4 cores in parallel using multithreads