AMD GLSL Bugs - how to report?

Hi guys,

We have found several potential bugs with AMD GLSL 1.5 compiler and GL 3.2 stuff, reported it on AMD forums but got no reply so far. While these still have workarounds, we have encountered a more serious problem with mismatched vertex and fragment shaders - basically in some cases additional varyings between vertex and fragment shaders (matched correctly) will come mismatched into the fragment shader, sometimes even mangling gl_Position output from the vertex shader.
But I wanted to ask - is there a more effectual way to report bugs or to communicate with someone from AMD? We fought with AMD OpenGL driver bugs before but as we are nearing our release we’d like to know when these can be resolved or just to receive any feedback at all. We don’t want to leave AMD card users out in the open, but we also don’t want to spend huge amounts of time on the workarounds.



we will look into the three issues you have posted on our forum. if you have some sample code for the mismatch issue, please send me through a PM.


Thanks a lot. We’ll prepare the sample code.