AMD Dual Athlon and Nvidia drivers

Has anyone had success with a dual athlon system running with the latest (2313) nvidia drivers under linux?

I am currently having strange stability issues (seg faults on some glx calls, hanging, pausing for a while, etc). I have tried the 2313 drivers and the 1541 drivers and they both have stability problems (just different problems).

Anyone had any success or is there something that I should be disabling?

In case it matters, I am running a GF3 with an Asus A7m266-D motherboard and RH 7.2.



I have a dual Athlon too with 1GHz, 1024 MB, Tyan Tiger MP and a Geforce 256 and I have never experienced any serious issues with both 1541 and 2313 drivers.
Try to disable AGP support with “NvAGP” “0” in the XF86Config or change the AGP driver from agpart to NVIDI-Aagp. Maybe this helps!


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