AMD Athlon && win32 OpenGL

my win32 OpenGL apps are locking up within
seconds on Athlon systems and Nvidia cards using detonator drivers

anybody experiencing the same thing ?

yes… the AGP Miniport is installed

Are you using detonator 5.08?
I heard of many people having frequent crashes, also with Intel processors.

I’ve used the 3.68 and 3.62

the same apps run perfectly fine on Intel chipset motherboards

it’s problem with some Athlon board and the geForce.

If your board uses AMD irongate chipset(it’s AMD 750, or 751 or both!)

going down to agp 1x solves the problem for now.

I’ve also encountered the same problem on
socket 7 boards with VIA and ALI chipsets
running AMD K6-2’s… not just with GeForce but both TNT and TNT2 nvidia cards

VIA and ALI chipset motherboards require
an AGP miniport to be installed… I wonder
if this has something to do with it ?
It seems that motherboards based on Intel
chipsets are best for OpenGL development for

It won’t help anyone but I have the same problem with my brand new ELSA Erazor X2 with Detonator 3.68 under Windows NT 4.0 SP6.

Quake III (Demo) freezes after 1 to 5 seconds and even some of my own applications freeze after a moment (so I can’t debug anything !)…

I have tried to install ELSA drivers but they seem bugged for some OGL functions…

Well, let’s all wait for the next Detonator release… Meanwhile, does anyone know a good book ?


you may also want to try checking for a BIOS update for your board. I too am using an athlon board (amd 751 northgate, via 686 southgate) i had lockups at first as well, and installing amd’s 751 agp miniport (v4.61) helped, but didn’t solve it. upon updating my bios, my problems ended.

I used PowerStrip to set my AGP transfer rate to 1x and all problems are gone…
I didn’t notice a big performance hit on my own apps or in Quake II,III or Soldier of Fortune Demos…

Seems it is the way to go !


I have a feeling its my win32 setup code
because GLUT based programs run just fine

ok… I narrowed it down to the OpenGL code
in that particular program-my other win32GL
programs are fine

I should be able to hunt it down from here
thanks for all the input…

its not the openGL code - this
problem is exclusive to nvidia reference
drivers 3.68 and earlier

Matrox G400 with 5.52 drivers runs no problem

this thread can now die in peace…!!!