Am I understanding this right?

I wasn’t able to attach a picture or add a link, so please go to:

(Ignore left side of picture.)

Am I understanding this right, that in the DAE file pictured the individual vertex weight sums don’t equal one, as you generally see?

No. They generally sum to 1. The <vcount> section lists how many weights are in each set. The 1.0 weights correspond to the 1 counts, and the 2 counts add to approximately 1.

But if you look at how I put an outline around the individual sets in the picture, they don’t. Specifically the “1.000000 0.403922” set and the 0.596078 by itself. It seems that the “0.403922” should go with the “0.596078” and I wanted to make sure I was understanding this correctly before I talked to the person who wrote the 3dsmax plugin who I think is responsible for this error.

Well, I think I did NOT see the first 1.0 because it’s by itself in the top right corner. It does look suspicious. The offset=“1” attribute may skip the first weight. I’d look in the specification to see what “offset” does to be sure. It could be the first is a dummy weight for static geometry or something. The manual is so spacious no one can keep it in their head, or would bother to try :slight_smile: