Am I confused... (#Nine Revolution 3d)

Start Bitch Mode:

First; before anyone states the obvious:

“I bought a crappy video card”

O.K. moving on… I come to this site BEFORE buying my next card so I won’t make a huge blunder. I read about the mini drivers, ICD’s, and Stand Alone drivers; further an article explicitly states that mcd’s are outmoded and have been replaced.

Well this explains why my card sucks.

Yet in the section on OpenGL cards there is my card! Not only is it not listed with an asterisk as not being any where close to OpenGL compatable (mcd remember?) but the suggestion that I or anyone COULD contact Number Nine is a little out dated. There out of business and quit supporting their cards long before that!

So where do I go to find out which video card is going to do the job for me? I have seen all the “raving evaluations” for game playing nearly everywhere. Yet here I see that latest and greatest (GeForce2) quits working and no one can say why.

End Bitch Mode:

Any ideas on how to match OpenGL video card to a set of requirements? {preferably with a real world budget}