Always loose my pbuffer

wglQueryPbufferARB always returns, that i have lost my pbuffer … what can it be???

ATI says (from here ):

The memory that is allocated for your pbuffer is not guaranteed to remain valid if a display mode-switch occurs. This means that you might want to call wglQueryPbufferARB() and pass the WGL_PBUFFER_LOST_ARB flag to test if the pbuffer is still valid. If your pbuffer is no longer valid, then you will have to recreate it.
However, I tried to make this append on in my program have but never seen any.
I think you must be wrong with something else.

This happens when you, say, change display settings after allocating a context. Such as going full-screen, or using the Display Settings control panel.

Alas, ATI drivers seem un-willing to re-allocate pbuffers after any mode switch; just returning NULL pbuffer handles :frowning:

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