Alternatives to GLEW / Is GLEW neccessary?


I’m only trying to use GLEW because a lot of tutorial-makers are so fond of it, however since it constantly annoys me with linking-errors whenever I try to compile anything where GLEW is used, no matter what I do to fix it, I’m starting to get a bit sick of it.

Due to that I’m wondering wether GLEW is actually neccessary, or if there’s any good alternatives to GLEW?

I wouldn’t mind going a bit more low-level if neccessary, as long as I may still be able to achieve most things OpenGL.

Thanks in advance for any useful replies:)

We have a whole wiki page of alternatives. I even wrote two of them.

Also, the fact that tutorial-makers are fond of something doesn’t mean you should use it. Use what works best for your needs, not what others seem to want to use.

What kind of linking errors are you getting? Also, consider just including glew.c, glew.h and glxew.h into your project. I am doing so, no need to link with glew library.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
But I actually found that wiki-page sorted it out myself.
Should have remembered to mark it as solved.