Alternative ways?


I am reading my terrain data from a file and drawing 3d triangles from the coordinates in the file. This takes long, but is the only way I know @ the moment. Do you know of any other ways to do this? Shot

You always have to load the data and display it (if you’re not creating it on the fly). Please be more specific on which step you want to have accelerated.

Well, that really is the only hardware-accelerated technique. The key is reducing the number of triangles to draw using some kind of ROAM/CLOD mesh simplification algorithm.

There’s an entirely different tact you can take, and that is based off of voxel rendering techniques (you really can expand those ideas to fit the hardware-acceleration standards of today) but this kind of approach is not nearly as popular.

One hint though: If you’re just using a uniform grid triangulation, don’t use triangles; use triangle strips.