Altera and NVDIA OpenCL Platform Together

Hi all,

I have Altera OpenCL SDK and NVIDIA OpenCL installed on my machine. I want to use both platforms and devices together in my host application. I tried an OpenCL code to list all available platforms. Then compile it using the following command.

 gcc platforms.c  -I/opt/altera/13.0sp1/AOCL/host/include -L/opt/altera/13.0sp1/AOCL/linux64/lib -L/opt/altera/13.0sp1/AOCL/host/linux64/lib -lalterahalmmd -lOpenCL -lalterammdpcie -lpkg_editor -lalteracl -lelf -lrt -lstdc++ -o platforms

However, I always got 1 platform listed either only Altera or NVIDA. It depends on the order of libraries that I linked -lOpenCL and -lalterahalmmd. How can I hook both devices together in this case?