Alt-Tab - Radeon Corruption

Apologies for this thread not being directly an OpenGL issue but the nature of the problem is associated with card compatibility; something that all OpenGL developers should be aware.

OK … my specific problem relates to a Radion 9550. With anti-aliasing enabled, alt-tabbing from my application and back again results in permanent graphics corruption. It’s hard to describe the effect but several rendered objects seem to end up displaced in the scene and then remain fixed permanently. Turning anti-aliasing off prevents the problem. (the 9550 is using the latest drivers and this problem is not happening on other ATI or NVidia cards)

Whilst I can detect the wm_activate message, along with a few others when my application regains focus, what should I do that could possibly cure this problem … or is it down to ATI ?



are you over clocking ?

Oddly enough that’s been my thought too or maybe the card’s overheating. Unfortunately I’m in the UK and the problem is on a machine in France !

It does sound as though the problem is maybe a rogue artifact that’s not related to my application. They assure me that they’ve not experienced similar problems on other OpenGL applications.

So at the moment I’m simply looking for advice as to what might be the cause.



Yep at first it sounds like a typical artifact from over clocking or heat related etc

Your app is probably using a code path may not used by their other apps.

So it could be a driver issue , an iffy card or just ATI who’s opengl Support is not the best at time (IMHO) I hear more problems with then than another

I suppose one thing is to turn down hardware acceleration if its supported on the driver/card

Stupid things like is the card seat correctly, all the pins clean, does the PSU have enough wattage for the machine, does it happen at a lower screen resolution, are they running at 24/32 but colors etc

Remote diagnotics is not the best thing :slight_smile:


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With anti-aliasing enabled, alt-tabbing from my application and back again results in permanent graphics corruption.
Do you mean system-wide, or just for your app?


It’s system wide anti-aliasing, enabled from the display control panel … I’ve never found a 100% reliable method to actually control this setting.


Actually, I was wondering if it was the entire system that was corrupted after an alt-tab, or just your app alone…

Apologies for the last response …

It does seem to be only my application that is effected … restarting my application does clear the problem, at least until the next alt-tab. Still awaiting feedback from France !