Alpha Blending

I’m trying to use additive blending on a bunch of fire particles. The fire particles are using a texture with no alpha. It works really well when the background is black. However, when the background is a light color, the fire particles blend with the background color and I end up with a white fire.

How do I fix this? I like the additive blending when the fire goes from red to orange to yellow to white at the core.

This poster had the same problem.…g-and-particles

Have you ever watched real fire over a bright white background ? It is just white.

No, I’ve never seen a completely white fire.

Because background in your chimney is dark.
Try over snow on a sunny day.

But then, who wants realistic effects? We want impressive effects :slight_smile:

For some reference, see
The clip contains a nice daylight firework, including explosives with lot of fire.

Nice smoke !