All Photoshop blending modes + RGB/HSL conversions

Hi there,

Something that might interest you… all the Photoshop blending modes as GLSL macros + RGB to HSL (hue, saturation, luminance), contrast, desaturation.

Everything is here:

Of course it’s open to discussion and I know for sure … optimization!

Hope it could help.


That could prove useful. Thanks!

Big thanks, very much appreciated!

I’m sorry but in a last minute change I made a mistake in the code, and I also had some issues on specific hardware due to conditional returns, but now it’s fixed and if you already have the .glsl file you should re-download it (same link).

And good news, now it’s also in HLSL.

Ok ok ok HLSL … sorry :slight_smile:


Just added a gamma correction filter. Just like the Exposure/gamma or Levels/midtone in photoshop.

Details and code here:

thanks! grabbed both HLSL and GLSL version. that will be useful.


I added the complete reproduction of the Photoshop Levels control.


Details and code here: