All perspective functions result in a blank screen, on my machine only.

I have no trouble with orthogonal OpenGL rendering, but whenever I add a perspective function, I get a blank screen. The program apparently works on other computers.

I have the latest graphics driver for my card. I also ran GLsetup and tried the one it downloaded, even though it said my present graphics driver is newer than the one it downloaded.

I have a built-in graphics card that uses the Intel 810 chipset.

Any ideas why this might be happening, and what I can do, besides buying a new card?


Is it a simple OpenGL program… If so, why not post it here so that we can see what may be the cause. The only time I have had problems between Orthogonal and Perspective is when I don’t adjust the coordinates to suit the relevant view but this would be the same on any computer.

Perhaps your 810 chipset doesn’t support some of the things you are doing. A check on
shows that it doesn’t support (for example) anything other than 16bpp color depth for 3D but a wide range in 2D. This could explain the problem if you are using a different color depth. Check your PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR setup and see what you have set up for the colour depth.

If you check elsewhere on the site for other listed problems/support to see whether any of these could be affecting your program may help too.