All OpenGL games lock up.

I have posted this on a number of boards to no avail. OpenGL simply will NOT run on my machine. After 5 minutes of any game running in OpenGL mode I lock up hard, with whatever sound that was playing at the time looping forever. Cntrl/Alt/Del does nothing and I must power down the machine to reboot.

I have tried every conceivable combination of drivers for my mobo, video and sound cards. I have tried many tweaks and utilities, nothing helps.

Detonator drivers while not fixing the OpenGL crash nightmare HALF my framerates in any game using D3D.

I am starting to believe that I have an unfortunate combination of hardware and will have to buy a new box to play newer games.

Thoughts anyone?

amd tbird 1.2
geforce2 gts
soundblaster live value
%$#^% via mobo chipset
directx 8.1
logitech optical wheel mouse