all opengl games crash

i have a riva tnt2 and all of a sudden all of my opengl games lockup.

quake2/3 are the worst…i usually can play about 3 seconds. CS usually lasts a while before it happens.

its definitvly not a heat problem, ive had the thing colder then my freezer.

any help would be appreciated

do you have the latest drivers?

Nearly the same thing happens to me, but I cannot even play for 3 seconds.
I have installed the latest drivers, I have installed directx8.0, opengl for nvidia and the latest nvidia driver…

Quake II is the worst case, it just nearly freezes when I choose OpenGL.

this happened to me on a TNT and Im sorry to say i dont remember how i fixed it

yes i have the new (latest) drivers.

im also running in win98, but I dont think that its important.

it didnt used to happen on my tnt1…but that was a while ago

This is a shot in the dark, but I remember that q2 uses a custom opengl32.dll which is located in the q2 root folder. What u can try is copy the opengl32.dll from your system folder into the q2 folder. Or try making a copy of nvopengl.dll, rename it to opengl32.dll and also replace the one in your q2 folder.

Hope that works.

THAT NVOPENGL.DLL is huge compared to the normal one provided by quake and dosent work.
but does stop it from crashing only because it says it cant find the 0pen gl file .

The same happens to me
I have win98 and a Geforce DDR and I cant run anything on OpenGL. I had tried with several new and old drivers and nothing works
Everything was running fine and in a sudden it stopped working

if you had a videocard installed previously
to your tnt2 you may have to format c: and reinstall your OS to get open gl to work as
when i installed my ge fierce 2mx after uninstalling a tnt 1 i could run d3d but not open gl even after trying t0 reinstalling various driver versi0ns.
i tryed every thing renaming nv0pengl.dll
and placing in games direct0ry
i dont kn0w why this occurs but the 0nly answer to my pr0blem was to reinstall windows and every thing w0rked great after that. if y0u choose t0 reinstall d0 it in this 0rder:
after installing wind0ws install y0ur latest m0therboard drivers (ie:Via 4in1 driver f0r via ap0ll0 chipset based motherb0ards)
then directx8 then make sure y0u change y0ur adapter t0 primary pci display adapter vga then install y0ur latest drivers f0r vide0card make sure y0u enable
agp fastwrite(if you have it there) in y0ur bi0s after installing drivers.
0nly update y0ur bi0s if there are fixes f0r pr0blems y0u are having and if y0ur n0t sure
ab0ut updating y0ur bi0s get s0me 0ne else y0u can trust t0 d0 it f0r y0u 0r you might end up with an expensive frisby.