Alien Flux Alpha Test 6

Get it here.

Same controls as last time (left shift=shield, space=smart etc.)

I’d be very grateful if you could tell me if it works on your system, which should be a Win32 box with 32Mb of free RAM, a true OpenGL compatible card, a soundcard, keyboard, and mouse.

The min. processor speed has yet to be nailed down because it rather depends on whether you’ve got T&L in hardware but it looks like 400MHz is a good bet for a T&L card. It’s supposed to run dead-on 60fps but some laptops trick it into running at a somewhat easier 52fps (like my Inspiron, for example).

This version should run successfully on nearly everything there is out there, or bail gracefully if it can’t.

See if you can get to the end of level 5. Enjoy!


The same locale problem.

It should now be Pole-proof. There’s been a few other tweaks too. Give it another shot.


You know, there should be a option to swap or custom define the controls. Maybe also a option to play in a window.

It most all games I have played, left mouse=fire… right = move, and this is backwards.

Other than that, looks good, and no crashes.
win2k + gf2.

Enters fullscreen, then displays Message Box:

Can’t load the resource files! Your instalation is corrupted.
Goes back to desktop, forgetting to restore my gamma settings.
Console output:

OpenAL 1.0
Available screen modes:
1920 x 1080 x 16 @72Hz
640 x 400 x 32 @70Hz
(...) ~400 lines cut
1920 x 1440 x 16 @60Hz
1920 x 1440 x 32 @60Hz
Attempting to set displaymode: 800 x 600 x 16 @60Hz
Reserved 4194304 bytes of Nvidia RAM
Vertex array range @ 453705728 / length 4194304 Stream closed

I have JRE 1.3.1, BTW

Maybe also a option to play in a window.

Will we see a swt windowed Alien Flux Alpha Test 7?

(Honestly: It would be a good thing. Seems there will be quite a few swt OpenGL bindings. It would be best to have lwjgl as the standard that keeps up with all the new extensions, works reliably and makes the other bindings dispensable.)

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It’s funny you should say that, because today I’m working on the GUI to redefine the keys & buttons.

MZ - sorry - should’ve mentioned it requires JRE1.4 to run! (Which is much faster anyway - worth upgrading) Failing that stick to the .exe, which is a smaller download.

No plans for SWT - I can do windowed mode with the LWJGL, but I prefer to write fullscreen games because they give a better immersive experience. They also don’t have any framerate woes - it’s tuned for 60Hz. LWJGL is really a library to turn your machine into a console and nothing more - a screen with some input devices and speakers that runs Java.


Installed JRE 1.4.1, but everything is same as before. The web start failed too.

There is no longer a webstart version.
Sounds like you’ve got a mixed up installation.
Unzip into into a nice empty directory and run it from there.



here with a PII 450,TNT2/43.45 driver its very slow (log says that it uses 800x600x16 bit, perhaps it gets sw rendering, app can’t be exited, because of the low speed. If the app gets terminated gamma remains to bright :frowning:


Just tapping ESC should quit it.
A bit suspicious you’re getting software rendering on a TNT in 800x600x16 - I assume you don’t have this trouble on any other games?