Aliasing problem drawing primitives on iPhone OS 2.x

Hi. I am working on iPhone application using OpenGL ES.

I am drawing a polygon with glDrawElements(GL_LINE_LOOP, … );
but the polygon has a aliasing on it.
To remove aliasing, I applied the below codes, but it doesn’t work.


Is there any other API applying antiAliasing on OpenGL ES ?
Or something which I missed ?

Environment : iPhone OS 2.1

GL_LINE_SMOOTH and GL_POINT_SMOOTH only applies to points and lines. To get anti-aliasing on polygons, you need to use multisampling. This is done by selecting a multisapled EGL-config, and enabling the GL_MULTISAMPLE state.

Actually, sorry I was confused with a terminalogy.
I drew a polyline not a polygon.
I think GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH is not supported in OpenGL ES.

enabling GL_MULTISAMPLE state LINE_SMOOTH is applied on a simulator of PC.
But smoothing is not applied on a real device.

What’s a “polyline”? If it’s a line, keep in mind that line smooth calculates coverage and outputs it to the alpha-channel of each pixel. So you need to apply blending for linesmooth to work correctly.